Information for National Governing Bodies

Safeguarding Children in Martial Arts (SCiMA) intends to develop relationships with Sport England recognised National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and other NGBs for martial arts, working with the Child Protection in Sport Unit's Martial Arts Working Group to promote continuous improvement coaching, child protection and safer recruitment practices.

National Governing Bodies

Excellent operating standards expected

Qualified coaches who are members of Sport England National Governing Bodies (NGB) are encouraged to apply for SCiMA registration as part of their continuous professional development.

The aspiration is to bring all martial arts up to the standard of the best, in line with the CPSU Standards and Framework. The journey to achieve these standards will require effective communication between SCiMA and martial arts providers. The CPSU Standards Framework allows for progression to an Advanced standard which is the 'Gold' Standard. SCiMA is aware that to get there will require some effort and there will be some attrition in the martial arts sector. The expectation is that, over time, martial artists will recognise that child protection and safeguarding practices are as essential to their training and development as any other component of their martial arts discipline.

Other governing bodies

Good operating standards expected

Amateur Martial Associations

English Karate Federation

Unregulated martial arts sector

Minimum operating standards expected

SCiMA recognised that some martial arts do not have NGBs nor do they have any formal structure, rules or regulations to which to adhere. The unregulated position is not sustainable and while new martial arts may emerge, the expectation is that they will conform to expected standards in coaching, child protection and safer recruitment practices. To develop a baseline though, coaches in the unregulated and regulated sectors can apply for SCiMA registration to start their continuous improvement journey with the SCiMA online learning and development.

What does SCiMA do?

SCiMA is focused on implementing child protection policy, developing safer recruitment practice and enhancing coaching standards with a view to professionalising martial arts instruction, in the United Kingdom and partner organisations in the Republic of Ireland.

SCiMA services will include:

• SCiMA registered martial arts coach database
• Child protection and safeguarding training
• Safer recruitment practice
• Anti-bullying awareness
• First aid essentials

Although self-governing, SCiMA will work in partnership with national and international organisations to promoting best practice in martial arts coaching and organisational management. This includes local and national government organisations, in the UK and internationally.

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