On 18 March 2014, the Child Protection in Sport Unit Martial Arts Working Group met to discuss issues including an approach to self regulation of the martial arts community. The group agreed in prinicple to the proposal and welcomed the opportunity to participate in a pilot to be trialed in conjunction with a County Sports Partnership (CSP). Working with professionals and volunteers, SCiMA's remit is to develop and continuously improve: child protection practice; safer recruitment policy; and coaching standards, for martial arts schools and clubs based in the United Kingdom and partner schools and clubs in the Republic of Ireland. This website has been built as a mechanism to support the proposed pilot project and is part of the consultation phase. It provides an idea of what a fully functioning SCiMA website might look like. This website is sponsored by the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA). Registration and Login function is due to open on Friday 15 June, 2018.

What does SCiMA do?

SCiMA is focused on implementing child protection policy, developing safer recruitment practice and enhancing coaching standards with a view to professionalising martial arts instruction, in the Unitied Kingdom and partner organisations in the Republic of Ireland.

SCiMA services will include:

• SCiMA registered martial arts coach database
• Child protection and safeguarding training
• Safer recruitment practice
• Anti-bullying awareness
• First aid essentials

Although self-governing, SCiMA will work in partnership with national and international organisations to promoting best practice in martial arts coaching and organisational management. This includes local and national government organisations and in the UK and internationally.

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